Zironex Exchange Receives a Positive Review from UK Authorities | zironex.io
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Zironex Exchange Receives a Positive Review from UK Authorities | zironex.io

Zironex Exchange is a Venezuelan service registered in the UK that started its activity in 2018. In 2021, the trading volume amounted to over $8 billion.

Rishi Sunak, British politician and Minister of Finance, at the end of 2021, said that he was interested in Zironex.io continuing its activities and is also ready to help with all the possibilities that may be needed and even help from the state.

But you need to understand that Rishi Sunak’s sympathy is more like personal sympathy than cooperation with the government and Zironex. Under any circumstances, Zironex is a decentralized system and a wallet, and just here, cooperation between the state and Zironex is only possible in helping a crypto company organize any government processes using blockchain technologies and smart contracts, on the basis of which the wallet has been successfully functioning for quite a long time, providing with one on the other hand, decentralization and transparency, and on the other hand, full compliance with state requirements. The output is a very interesting symbiosis of the state and the cryptocompany, when none of each other presses each other’s rights and receives only mutual benefit.

This is not the first experience of Zironex in successful cooperation and interaction with the authorities. Recall that in 2019 the authorities thanked Zironex for organizing humanitarian assistance and a big holiday for the children of orphanages in Manchester. Then Zironex brought more than 3,000 thousand toys, mobile devices and helped create more than 1,000 children’s wallets on Zironex.io and added several promising coins there so that when these children grow up, they would already be familiar with cryptocurrencies and have some kind of start-up capital, albeit small.

It turns out that Zironex.io not only fulfills all the main tasks on the way to its main and unchanged goal – the most secure crypto wallet in the world, but also actively participates in the lives of ordinary people in the UK, as well as interacts with the authorities and helps integrate technologies to improve people’s lives and the people in general.