USDT cryptocurrency: what is it, and how does it work?
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USDT cryptocurrency: what is it, and how does it work?

USDT is a cryptocurrency asset that appeared on the Bitcoin blockchain recently. Each unit of the stablecoin is backed by a certain amount of the US dollar. In fact, it’s a cryptocurrency analogue of the dollar, so 1 USDT is almost equal to $1 and the fluctuations in the exchange rate are usually extremely insignificant. Users can store, transfer, exchange USDT for another cryptocurrency on any online wallets.

Now it’s available to buy usdt with credit card or other payment systems. To do this, a user has to have a verified account on TETHER.TO. The identification procedure doesn’t take much time and opens up wide opportunities for customers.

How to use USDT?

The Tether is easy to use. Despite this, the platform has many useful and simple functions. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be transferred to any wallet that supports the Omni Layer protocol. The transfer of funds within the platform is carried out without commission.

Tether can also be sold and bought for Bitcoin. This can be done through many well-known exchanges. Converting USDT to dollar takes a small commission.

The most important function of USDT is the preservation of value. The cryptocurrency withstands even the strongest price hikes and remains stable.

How to start working with the platform?

To purchase USDT, you need to create an account on Tether. Follow the instruction below:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Click on the «Signup» button.
  3. Enter personal details (the site asks for your first and last name, e-mail and password you have invented).
  4. The account has been created. Now you need to activate two-factor identification. This will protect the profile from hacking. Click «Security Page».
  5. Select the appropriate 2-FA activation method.
  6. Scan the received QR code or enter it.
  7. You will receive a new code. Enter it in the field and click «Enable».
  8. A message with an activation link will be sent to your e-mail. Click on it.

Your account is activated now. However, to import or withdraw USDT, you need your profile to be verified.

Advantages of the Tether platform

Cryptocurrency is widely known and loved by users. Among its competitors, it’s distinguished by the following qualities:

  • stability (the exchange rate doesn’t change even during serious bitcoin forks);
  • availability on many blockchains;
  • a lack of internal commission;
  • the speed and simplicity of transactions;
  • availability of reports on the official website;
  • the same conditions for both legal entities and individuals.

Experts believe that the platform has positive prospects for 2022. This project gives its users new technical capabilities for converting fiat money into cryptocurrency.